Analysis: “The Last Blade: Beyond Destiny”


Analysis: “The Last Blade: Beyond Destiny”

In 1997, SNK presented the world with “The Last Blade”., a game full of combat and combos set in the final years of Edo, Japan. Shortly thereafter, in 1998, his sequel, The Last Blade 2: Heart of a Samurai, was released, until in 2000, two years later, the saga debuted on the Neo Geo Pocket Color, the beloved Neo Geo handheld console. , with the film “The Last Blade: Beyond Destiny”.

Portable beasts

Neo Geo Pocket, monochrome notebook, was developed and released by SNK in 1998, but just a year later, its successor, Neo Geo Pocket Color, appeared. who have burst into the market with over 80 popular fighting, action and platform games. For the most nostalgic, we can turn to the Neo Geo Pocket Color Selection for Nintendo Switch. This selection mimics games so that they look and feel as if you were playing them in the same Pocket Color. Also, they can now be used in compare mode, each using a Switch controller. Although there are currently some gems available, such as King of Fighters R-2, Samurai Shodown! 2 and SNK Gals’ Fighters, this time with The Last Blade: Beyond Destiny, its latest expansion, a classic expansion now available on the Nintendo Switch Online Store.

The game, like its counterparts, runs as an emulator that includes a Neo Geo console in a switch that offers a name in a small console box without suggesting great design. During launch, we can choose between: 1 player, versus mode and various emulation options.

Single player has several aspects of the game: story, survival, time trial, and training.… In addition, the classic game adds two unlockable mini-games and battles with friends, each with a controller.

All the fun and the limitations of the SNK console

IN title supports very entertaining gameplayDespite the logical limitations of the hardware and the presence of only two buttons, many great combinations can be made and several attacks can be combined sequentially. The art of the game is really significant and even surpasses the modern one, especially on the character select screen and in small cut-scenes.

The Last Blade: Beyond Destiny is an obvious nostalgic product as it reflects all the fun and the limitations of the SNK console, which belongs to the last century. However, both in Japan and in much of the rest of the world both these names and the console itself collect a large number of fans around them that they can now play on modern platforms.

Singleplayer modes are good fun for veterans and newbies alike, but this version’s stellar offering is undoubtedly the Versus Mode, in which two players, each with a controller, can be measured locally on the same console. As you might expect, there is no online competition mode here.

Bonus content and unlockable minigames

The title’s useful life has been extended with several openable minigames, which are mostly snippets for like-minded people interested in discovering every last detail of the game, which, on the other hand, they probably already know by heart. For them, SNK accompanies the launch of the game with the webcomic “The Final Blow”. The series will have two seasons of 12 episodes and up to 6 chapters., the comic is completely free to read.


In short, The Last Blade: Beyond Destiny is a product made for its followers, a must for nostalgic people that other players might find a joke in the Nintendo Switch catalog, but it’s a fantastic setting. day for fans of the saga.

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