Candela Cort, a hat box combining fashion and avant-garde

Candela Court artist in the broadest sense of the word, the subtlety with which she builds her hats is an amazing mannerism, where get together fashion with a timeless and versatile aesthetic. Covering their head is a luxury.

Candela Court (Madrid, 1959) came in a hat “by accident” after study fine arts, says in a conversation with Efe, although throughout her career her skill and hard work prompted her to collaborate with the artist. Eduardo Arroyo placeholder image and director Bob Wilson, a challenge that she lived like a game.

Now, Candela Cort (published by La Fábrica) provides an overview of her best designs for hats, headwear and necklaces, a project that she, shy and less likely to brag about, also associates with chance.

She assures that her curious mind and her “courage” have led her to where she is, and points out that she has the mentality of an artist, but also a craftswoman, although she assures that it is not one hundred percent owned by art, crafts, fashion or design… “I am in neutral territory, where I roamed freely, and that allowed me to be who I am.”

She does not consider herself “an expert at anything” and this forces her to constantly reinvent herself, thanks to the constant desire to try and explore new things.

“Publishing a book is a project that happened by accident, like everything else in my life,” says this creator with “low self-esteem,” who has always allowed herself to get carried away and who knew how to apply visual arts to what, in principle, always it was her “hobby” sewing.

In a flirtatious fit, he admits that he started making hats “out of narcissism because they fit me”Flexible, versatile parts without static shape.

His hats are toys with which, he says, “life is more fun.” “Since it’s not very common, when you wear it, people come up to you and compliment you. It invites you to chat and get a smile. Your self-esteem rises. ”

With this playful spirit, he protects the “frivolity of enjoying something beautiful” on his head at a wedding, concert, or just having dinner with friends.

He warns that in Spain there is a lot of “shame, a lot of fear of ridicule,” so few people dare to wear a hat or headdress. “The Englishwoman doesn’t even ask.”

His work, appreciated outside his workshop, is considered a work of art, as evidenced by the fact that he was accompanied by the museums of Reina Sofia, El Traje or Balenciaga.

“I’m not trying to take credit for myself, I took advantage of the opportunities as they passed. “– he explains, recalling that his creations were part of music shows and complemented the collections of designers in New York, London or Madrid.

Candela Court admits that she doesn’t know how to delegate or teach, perhaps for this reason her products are small, rather adapted to what she can do with her own hands, and to the fact that she likes to create alone. “I don’t know what teamwork is, why I don’t even know what I’m going to do, I’m very intuitive.”

His intention has always been to choose flexible, moldable and lightweight materials. “hats that you forgot what you wearThey do not give you headaches and do not interfere with seeing your neighbor at the table. ”

You realize that you cannot express in words what you want to express with your design. “Beauty, maybe. I think that whoever wears it will be happier because I work to be happier, and if I make someone happy with one of my designs, I consider it a total luxury. ”

A work inspired by the history of art, his travels and the different cultures that he travels with wide eyes and leaves a mark on his mind that later awakens.

“When I lack inspiration, I can restore it. go to the studio and look outside “says this faithful artist his principles.

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