Five awesome ideas on how to decorate your home for Christmas


Fill your home with the Christmas spirit.

Fill your home with the Christmas spirit.

December is approaching, temperatures are dropping, days are getting shorter and scent Christmas… Despite having lived such a strange year, the charm of these dates remains unchanged in Spanish citizenship. And that’s what’s in 2020, in which we felt further apart of our loved ones more than ever, we look forward to dating when we feel at home, surrounded by our own. However, we must always remember to maintain safety measures to protect our family and friends from possible infections.

Although the coronavirus will change the holiday events this year, can’t stop our mighty Christmas spirit… Cities are already preparing to shine with their light. The lights are ready to light up a much needed Christmas. In order for magic and fantasy to always accompany us, we collect in this article some ideas for decorating our homes. Any room or corner is perfect to infuse with that Christmas essence that excites young and old alike.

Christmas tree

Undoubtedly, the tree is the protagonist of the decoration. Usually installed in the living room., which is usually the largest area in the house. This element is usually tailored to the taste of each family. Some people choose small plastic trees with ornaments on the branches. Others prefer a large tree strewn with balls, lights, stars and all kinds of decorations. Many agree that under a tree is a good place to Santa Claus and the Three Kings lay down gifts.


If the tree is the star guest of December, the nativity scene does not lag behind in the most traditional houses… There are nativity scenes of all types and sizes. Some of the three or four figures have already managed to recreate the birth of Jesus. Others build exhibit-worthy models with lots of figures, ornaments, lanterns and all sorts of details.

Doors and windows

If you are not comfortable with setting up a typical Christmas tree or nativity scene and want the Christmas spirit to fill your home, you can also decorate your doors and windows. For doors, an element of New Year’s decor crowns are very common. You can make them from natural ingredients such as small twigs or pine cones.

For windows, you can choose Christmas lights or sprays to shape all kinds of shapes. typical of Christmas. At Christmas markets, you will find, for example, Santa Claus templates, fir trees or balls.

Plus, if you want everyone to know you love Christmas at home, you can also decorate the exterior with lights or Santa Claus figurines hanging from your windows and balconies.

Christmas Vinyls

In recent years, vinyl has become more common. These stickers offer different designs with all sorts of motives and patterns… Easy installation allows you to place it on walls or cabinets in any room in your home. This is a quick way to decorate rooms that will add originality to your home and in which boys and girls at home can also participate.

Original touch

If you want to give originality to the New Year’s decoration and break some traditions, you can place Christmas balls in a transparent container in some room at home. Instead of hanging them on the tree, you can decorate specific places by wearing these beautiful decorations and bringing the Christmas spirit into the kitchen, for example. You can play with different shades and colors achieve impressive results.

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