From Tetris to Vikings: five games to open new consoles

brightness Ray tracing, 4K image or 60 images per second Here are some of the technical advances that have emerged in the next generation of consoles. The best way to get to know them is through their games and their characters, from the Vikings from Assasin’s Creed to the up-and-coming new Spider-Man.

IN Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 They started arriving in showrooms around the world this week, although Sony only sold them in the United States, Japan and Mexico, and will do so in Spain, Europe and Latin America on September 19.

The new devices are accompanied by a new batch of new games that try to take advantage of all their new features.

Below we select the five brightest.

“Playroom Astro”

Asobi team is small platformer filled with humor and tenderness… Pre-installed on the Ps5 console, it’s an opportunity to have a good time with your little robots and discover the full power of DualSense, a new console controller that makes the most of tactile technology.

The new console has a very precise tactile vibration system that tells if the robot is walking on water, if it is raining or if it is walking on mud… Triggers also provide resistance and increase the detail in sensations such as pulling a rope backward.

The game is a small tribute to PlayStation fans and their old consoles, with hidden winks in every corner. The player must collect coins, climb a mountain transformed into a monkey-shaped robot, or just walk past other small robots that are playing, singing or doing some kind of trick.

“Spider-Man Marvel: Miles Morales”

is he the first great game designed for next generation consoles (only for Ps5 and Ps4). It’s also an opportunity to highlight the strengths of this battery of novelties: shorter load times, ray traced lighting, 60fps or 4K quality.

IN Ray tracing is a sophisticated rendering system that allows you to see light with greater realism.… In the first minutes of the new story of the arachnid superhero, young Miles Morales exits the subway at dusk, and the light is reflected on his face, his clothes and the lights of cars with sharpness and play of light and shadow. astonishing.

Although the definition Graphic details are best seen on a modern TV, 60 images per second – in theaters only 24 per second – that the new consoles offer make game development smoother, and that jumping from skyscraper to skyscraper is an unforgettable experience.

The Amazing Spider-Man – Miles Morales, an African American and Hispanic character.which was born during the Obama presidency and reflects the current history of the United States; It addresses issues such as the importance of community, faith in oneself and in the good of a person, and, of course, the ability to defeat evil and save New York.

“Gear 5”

The latest release of this Microsoft Shooter Saga It launched last year, but the company introduced a number of improvements ahead of the launch of the Xbox Series X. With no exclusive game available for this new console, the game is one of the best unlocking games ever.

“Gears” is a testosterone saga, but in his last installment he took a little twist and arrived with the main character, Keith Diaz.; This is a very cinematic title that improves dramatically with 4k images and increased frames per second.

Details of explosions in battles weather effects desert scenes or simple chainsaw sparks hitting steel are now brighter than Xbox One.

This saga, along with Halo, one of Microsoft’s flagships, is included in its Game Pass, the company’s Netflix subscription model that it wants to win the next generation battle against.

“Tetris effect is connected”

This new game recognizable for several generations But now the new Xbox Series X console is completely transformed. It’s about Tetsuya Mizuguchi’s last creation, a developer renowned for sensory experiences and an extensive program of games marked with music and light.

The game begins as a sober Tetris for life, featuring a puzzle against a dark background and a single color tone that later gradually transforms until it becomes a noticeable experience. for the contrast of colors and bright music.

Near easy starting game for viewers of all levels, with co-op (1 to 3 players) and competitive modes that can be played online or locally.

‘Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla’ (Ps5 and Xbox Series X)

this is one of the sagas with the most followers in the world – sold over 140 million copies – and is already available for two new consoles. This time, the player takes on the role of Eyvor, a furious legend who spearheaded the Viking invasion of dark England in the 9th century.

Every part of the popular Ubisoft storyline saga is designed to spend hours going through the stages of historywhose scenes and passages have been carefully recreated for the occasion; in this sense, the new party does not disappoint.

Player you can choose if your character is male or female, and he will plunder, explore, forge alliances based on power or diplomacy, and deal with cryptic prophecies as he plunges into the bowels of one of the sailing societies of most recent interest.

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