Genoveva Casanova modern and sophisticated look

“I always remember Caetana, every day,” he assured. Genoveva Casanova three days after the sixth anniversary of the death of Caetan de Alba. The one who was the daughter-in-law of the beloved Duchess of Alba, took advantage of the weekend to enjoy a fun dinner with friends in the central restaurant of the capital.

Among them was Patricia Cerezo, wife of Ramón García, who showed her happiness with the re-appearance on television of Ana Obregon, who will ring the bells and celebrate the New Year on Spanish television with Anne Igartiburu. “We are very excited, we will be very knowledgeable and, of course, we will see it,” the journalist said as she left the restaurant where she had dinner with Genoveva and her group of friends.

Fun and very lively The group shared laughter and revelations throughout the evening, to which the Mexican surprised us with a sophisticated and sexy well as wearable. And the fact is that Genoveva monopolized all eyes with her black leather pants with a matching belt and a cheeky white shirt With a deep cut, which she showed part of the underwear, matching the trousers. As accessories, elegant black sandals and an original large metal bag.

She smiles very much, and after the gang led by Genova Casanova took a souvenir selfie, they strictly and strictly observed the curfew imposed in the capital due to the coronavirus pandemic, due to which the nightlife ends at twelve o’clock. night. Like Cinderella, they went home, not without first reassuring Genoveva that she was thrilled with her ex-husband Cayetano Martinez de Irujo’s reunion with the brothers.

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