Google Photos already allows users to teach machine learning technologies.

Added to the Google Photos app for Android devices new crowdsourcing feature with which users can improve their machine learning technologies.

A feature available in the latest Google Photos update allows users to help improve existing functions apps, as well as create new ones by answering a series of questions about your photos.

The questions users can answer relate to print settings, which allow the “application” to know which photos the user would like to print; holiday photos to help machine learning find out which photos show a particular party or event; made for you, which helps the application create the best collages and animations for users; and how to interpret the photographs with which users will be able to select the items they deem most important with photo.

To help improve Google Photos’ machine learning technology, users should click Search, Help Us Improve Google Photos and answer any questions that arise.

The company said on its Google Photos support page that It will take users time to see results their contributions and that they can delete their replies at any time.

Users will be able to delete their answers in the Help Us Improve Google Photos section by selecting the Back option to see the question categories, followed by the three buttons in a row in the upper right corner and Delete My Answers. …

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