Government wants to ban valve masks


The man in the valve mask.

The Ministry of Consumer Affairs has prepared a ministerial order to establish information and marketing requirements for hygiene masks through which he intends prohibit the sale of hygiene valve masks to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

The text is a draft compiled by Europa Press, the department that manages Alberto Garson collects among the marketing requirements of these products that “hygiene masks or public face masks with an exhalation valve or non-return valve, which allow exhaled air to escape from the mask“.

In this sense, he indicates that this sale will be prohibited “when its intended use is to minimize the exchange of particles from exhaled air or the release of respiratory droplets containing saliva, phlegm, or respiratory secretions from the user’s breath.” “If its intended use is different, this must be clearly indicated in the labeling.“, – indicates the ministry.

On the contrary, the Order states that “only hygiene masks and public face masks can be sold on the market,” and notes that “Avoid designs or compositions that unduly obstruct or obstruct breathing.“.

“Neither materials that come in direct contact with the skin nor substances that can be inhaled should be hazardous or cause discomfort, irritation, allergic effects or other adverse health effects,” they add.

Among the measures that consumption includes, others are also included, such as: avoid sharp or pointed objects at the edges of masks (such as staples); ensuring the safety of the product composition for the user; that preventive measures have been observed for minors and that the characteristics that must have transparent masks or with transparent parts so that you can read lips are indicated, among other things.

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