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When it comes to healthy living, we all know what we should be doing, or at least it sounds familiar … Exercise, sleep at least 8 hours, eat a varied and balanced diet high in vegetables, fruits, legumes, dairy products, etc.

We are faced with a new reality in which we are increasingly concerned about our health. Today the immune system is gaining in importance among the population, in particular, 74% of people over 35 are very concerned about having a strong immune system.

The immune system is responsible for protecting our body from infections or foreign substances. It consists of a complex network of cells, tissues and organs that work together at different levels of defense: skin, mucous membranes, secretions (lysozyme from saliva or tears, hydrochloric acid from the stomach) and protective microbiota (skin, oral, intestinal and urogenital tract) form the first protective barrier.

The second barrier (innate) and the third barrier (acquired) are a set of defense mechanisms involving different types of cells (lymphocytes, macrophages …) and / or antibodies that are activated when pathogens or foreign substances cross the first barrier.

Nutrition in general, and some nutrients in particular, play an important role in the development and maintenance of the immune system while overcoming all three obstacles.

In fact, this is the science called immune nutrition. According to experts, to maintain immune system function the nutrients in the diet play a fundamental role

IN maintaining the immune system it requires a constant supply of certain essential nutrients. But according to ANIBES review2The Spanish population has a number of nutritional deficiencies that affect some of the vitamins and minerals required for the proper functioning of the immune system.

We don’t have answers to all the questions about how to strengthen our immune system, but we can provide an example of how a common product in our diet – milk – can become an ally

“Milk is a food that, by its very nature, plays an important role in nutrition.”

Elena Garea, director of nutrition and health at the company.

Observing the lack of vitamins and minerals along with a detailed analysis of the recommended dosage for the Spanish population of each, Pascual conducted a complete nutritional study to create a range of milk with an excellent balance of nutrients that help improve the quality of the diet. Thanks to R + D + i food specially formulated milk to help our immune system… As explained Elena Garea, director of nutrition and health of the company“Milk is a food that, by its very nature, plays an important role in nutrition. The consumption patterns of milk and its derivatives are very well defined both in terms of daily consumption (3 times a day) and the best time to consume them, for example, breakfast in the case of milk. Unfortunately, these recommendations are not followed, and its actual consumption is lower than the established one. This is why providing milk with additional health benefits is closely related to improving the quality of the population’s diet. Thus, the consumer can take advantage of the very important position that milk occupies in food, and receive other additional benefits, such as caring for their immune system. ”

In the case of Leche, Pascual Salud, Director of Nutrition and Health, notes that “we have carefully studied the essential nutrients that help strengthen the immune system of the adult population in Spain and are lacking in the diet today, such as vitamins. B9, B6, D and zinc“. But also “we have studied nutrients that, while not deficient, complement and play an important role in the immune system. it vitamins A, B12 and seleniumwhich are reasonably present in a balanced diet, but because of their role in the immune system, their presence in the product provides added value. ”

Animal welfare is at the heart of a good product.

What is the final formula?

Leche Pascual Salud includes these 4 deficient nutrients in its diet so that one glass contains at least 30% of the RDA from each of them. And as for the three additional ones, Minimum 15% for a representative amount… As Elena Garea explains, “we provide more nutrients with the greatest deficiencies in the population and a good percentage of those already absorbed, as they all play an important role in caring for the immune system.”

Result Pascual’s health milk, and innovative product leading in the industryaimed at enhancing essential bodily functions by combining exhaustive nutritional research with transformative research and development. A nutritional alternative that meets the real needs of the adult population for a nutritional formula in the required proportion. Milk for the protection of animals, a staple of our diet, fortified with vitamins A, D, B6, B9 and B12 and the minerals zinc and selenium which operate on our immunological basis and in the most environmentally friendly packaging on the market, 89% from renewable sources. In short, perfect equation which links the addition of nutrients according to population deficits and the recommended daily intake.

This is another step towards the food of the future. As we just saw, he is already investing in various resources to bring it to market. products are more and more personalized and adapted to the consumerto help you improve your health and eating habits. Perhaps with technological convergence it will be possible to dream of individual meals… Always running away from techno fetishism, always understanding the needs of the consumer, with science, thoroughness and research. This will be the best way to debunk food myths.


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