Jaime Ostos’s son accused of organizing parties at his parents’ house

The Ana Rosa Program has exclusively shown that a person we all know can enrich themselves in complete anxiety by organizing illegal parties in your home. Near Jacobo, son of Jaime Ostos and Marie Angeles Grahalwho for two months would use the basement of the villa of the bullfighter and the doctor in Villaviciosa de Odon for secret events for which he would collect a large sum of money.

The DJ we last knew he was making a living from a website with adult content, he will organize parties from Thursday to Sunday in the basement of his parents’ house, and Jaime Ostos and Marie Angeles Grahal will sleep upstairs in the family house.

According to the program presented by Ana Rosa Quintana, Jacobo organized these parties for 9 weeks, and I would give each of them a whopping 10,000 euros.… And, if everything is perfectly organized, the artist will charge a thousand euros for a table for six people. In the basement, where the only ventilation will be a constant fan, there will be no shortage of drinks in abundance or a DJ on the mixing table turntables to liven up the event.

The guests – the privileged and economically empowered men, while the fashion girls stand out among the women – would pay 1,000 euros to attend this illegal and clandestine party. open bar with alcohol and champagne from 00:00 am to 6:00 am… With the images leaked through social media, the program found that there were an average of 30 people in each shed who, in addition to violating curfews and social restrictions, did not maintain a safe distance and did not wear masks.

Despite the fact that the Civil Guard appeared in the house of Jaime Ostos and Marie Angeles Grajal due to the large number of cars parked at the door of the chalet after 00.00 at night, Jacobo Ostos did not open the door for them either yesterday or this morning.… At the moment, neither the DJ nor his famous parents have spoken about these allegedly illegal parties, for which the young man would have received more than 300,000 euros in two months.

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