Kiko Rivera revealed her posts to Alessandro Lechio on Instagram


Image of Kiko Rivera.

As the war broke out between Isabelle Pantoja Y Kiko Rivera, most of the participants in various programs that devote hours and hours to Cantor’s soap opera position themselves in favor of the mother or child. Alessandro Lechio is one of the most critical DJsbecause he believes that his only goal is to bill, and does not understand how he can talk about his mother like that to “fill his pockets.”

The Italian was so cruel to Kiko – on the Ana Rosa Quintana program, where journalists with so much information about the Pacvirri legacy, such as Sandra Aladro, Antonio Rossi or Paloma Garcia Pelayo, are more critical of tonadillera than his son, a DJ. without hesitation, sent Lecuio a personal message a few days ago.

The Italian himself showed in his program that Kiko wrote to him because “he doesn’t want me to have anything personal against him, poor thing”; what, according to Lekio, “does not look like this, since I just limit myself to commenting on what Kiko says. “

These words, in which the former Ana Obregon spoke about a private conversation with him, caused an explosion of Kiko, who, through his social networks, made public his exchange of messages with Alessandro Lechio, to whom he sends a message in passing. quite understandable.

“Dear Alessandro. I believe that I have never shown you disrespect and never said anything against you, especially because of your affection for your son. Is there something wrong with me? Nothing personal, I hope. The “hug” is the message that Kiko sent to Lekuo, to which the Italian replied shortly thereafter, rather bluntly: “… because the father is sacred and life is too short. And by the way, Aless, who really likes you, wouldn’t like the way you feel about your mother. Family comes first. Hugs “.

However, yesterday’s words by Lekio in The Ana Rosa Program that Kiko does not want him to have anything against him, greatly angered Isabel Pantoja’s son, who declared war on the Italian on his Instagram account: “I don’t shut up, guys … Anyone who wants war with me will get it. And this person is G … Look in the mirror and make fun of yourself. But you are not laughing at me. ”

What will Alessandro Lechio answer to these words? We’ll find out soon!

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