Mainath’s wife arrested for assault on producer’s house in Cana

Local police of Canet de Mar (Barcelona) arrested Angela Dobrovolski, wife of Josep Maria Mainat, accused of robbery by force according to police sources, for attempting to search the home of a television producer in the city.

Dobrovolski, who was under investigation into the attempted murder of her husband, was arrested this morning along with Gabriel, the alleged “escort” (paid companion) who until recently was with her at Mainat’s home in Barcelona, ​​where she was. arrested last October for assaulting an ex-girlfriend in front of TV cameras.

Both detainees who were transferred to the Mossos d’Esquadra police station in Arenis de Mar (Barcelona) are accused of robbing a producer’s house in Canet de Mar, a house they allegedly tried to rob this morning.

According to sources close to the case, the couple was arrested at 9:30 a.m. after some neighbors notified the local police in Canet de Mar that they saw two people enter the house.

The agents came to Mainat’s house and arrested Dobrovolsky and his comrade, accused of robbery with the use of force, and they investigating whether they have appropriated any valuable item addresses.

In statements to Antena 3, Josep Maria Mainat stated that he was unaware of the fact that the detainees had stolen anything from their house, as they were found inside until the police came to the house. “Everything was very fast“. As explained, the detainees entered the house. break the bathroom windowjumping on the rooftops of the house: “They played type,” added Mainat.

A producer who confessed his feelings “tired of this endless tale“he does not know the reasons why the detainees entered his house, although he points out that they probably intended not to rob him, but to“ use ”him, as they already did at his home in Barcelona. his wife’s behavior is “very stupid”taking into account that she is in temporary liberty and that this could harm her in a lawsuit in which she is involved in trying to kill him.

This Tuesday will be Third arrest of Angela Dobrovolski in recent monthsThe first is for attempting to kill the producer by injecting him with insulin while sleeping, and the second is for allegedly collecting checks from her husband, which he forged with his signature.

Since October 15 last year, when she announced that she was being investigated by the judge in charge of the alleged assassination attempt, Dobrovolsky has been awaiting trial. restraining order within a kilometer of her husband and two children in common with him

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