Pediatricians and Parents Protect Natural Ventilation Against COVID


The Spanish Association of Pediatricians (AEP) and the Spanish Confederation of Student Parents’ Associations (Ceapa) advocated Natural ventilation as one of the most effective ways to combat covid-19 in the classroom.

Through various materials and an explanatory video, which can be seen on the AEP YouTube channel, both groups emphasized in a joint post that natural ventilation is “indispensable”.

“Covid-19 underlines the vital importance of a ventilated, safe, clean, healthy and sustainable school environment,” explained Juan Antonio Ortega, coordinator of the AEP Environmental Health Committee, who advised this ventilation “to be continuous and constant”.

In winter advises “a partial opening of windows from 10 to 30 centimeters “.

“Children prefer lower temperatures because of the higher body temperature and higher metabolic rate,” he added.

Chapa President Leticia Cardenal emphasized that they want to “maintain the trend achieved at the beginning of the school year with minimum percentage closed classrooms and positive results due to covid, and we must be able to combine natural ventilation in classrooms with lower temperatures, ”he said.

On the other hand, they indicated that 99% of schools have no plans to improve indoor air quality, or that 85% of Spanish schools have very cold or very hot classrooms.

In addition, he recalled that increasing the number of layers of clothing is more effective than its thickness.

“We want to call everyone schools be energy efficient, have low carbon emissions and have designs and procedures that contribute to improved health, academic performance and increased resilience and resilience “against Sars-CoV-2, added both institutions that delivered the Mercia Region Clean Air Education Department Program as a role model.

For its part, the Spanish General Council of Industrial Engineering (Cogiti) considered it “necessary” to develop an action plan to address low quality air in the premises of training centers.

To do this, they propose to use European recovery funds to install mechanical ventilation systems with heat recovery, which ensure compatibility of health, energy efficiency, climatic comfort and the environment, he stressed.

It is estimated that the economic investment in the installation of adequate ventilation systems to ensure adequate indoor air quality in secondary, secondary and vocational schools will be around € 1,960 million, of which € 1,348 million will be in community centers. and 612 million for places in private centers.

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