Periodontitis Infection Increases Your Risk of Heart Attack


Experts highlight the importance of gum health for cardiovascular health.

Experts highlight the importance of gum health for cardiovascular health.

Infection e inflammation characteristic of periodontitis directly or indirectly affects the body and may increase the risk of developing systemic diseases such as cardiovascular disease and increase the risk of heart attack myocardium, so it is “important” to maintain good oral health and have regular check-ups; as shown during the Aula DENTAID virtual meetings organized by the Spanish Society of Periodontology (SEPA) and DENTAID.

The purpose of these webinars is to show the importance of gum health for cardiovascular healthto promote cardiovascular health through dental consultation, and how dentists and cardiologists should treat a patient at risk of or who has had cardiovascular disease.

For example, in the course “Basic Concepts”, dentist Blas Nogerol stated that “periodontitis can be a trigger of cardiovascular disease and increase the risk of myocardial infarction.” Thus, dentist Nuria Vallkorba and cardiologist David Vivas, during the Preventing Complications course, presented a picture of the symptoms that can occur in people at cardiovascular risk, and gave advice that is applicable to clinical practice to prevent complications in a dental consultation.

For their part and within the framework of the course “Implementation in the clinic” periodontists Ana Molina and Miguel Carasol, as well as cardiologist Maria Molina revealed the link between oral health and heart health, which suggests a close connection between professionals of the two specialties. In addition, they emphasized the need for a simple dental consultation protocol to identify systemic risk. As a general recommendation, the experts indicated that take simple steps such as “relieve stress and identify subjects at risk for diabetes. or diagnosed with diabetes can be vital. ”

For his part, a doctor specializing in dentistry and periodontics and one of the scientific coordinators of this training initiative, Miguel Carasol, together with Dr. Juan José Gomez Doblas recalls that “oral health is critical to the overall health of people, and care for it – an important tool for promoting health in our societies, especially in times like today. ”

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