Phil Collins’ ex-wife accuses him of not washing or brushing his teeth for a year


Phil collins.

Phil collins.

The distribution of assets unleashed a bloody war between Phil Collins and his ex-wife Orianne Sevi. At the center of the controversy is the Collins mansion in Florida.… There Sevi settled with her new husband, guitarist Thomas Bates, and from there Collins wants to kick her out, who sued her.

For his part, Chevy counterattacks by ensuring that the artist, with whom he had two children, promised him half of the property in 2015, so even she is not “busy” … and cannot throw her out of the house and is demanding compensation in the amount of about $ 20 million to leave the mansion.

Plus, if lawsuits continue over the Genesis case, Collins’ ex-wife threatens to go public. very intimate details of the artist this would destroy his public image, starting with his alleged lack of hygiene, which he has already spoken about from the rooftops.

“The stench he was giving off became so strong that he became a hermit and refused to personally associate with anyone else.”Orianne says that in statements compiled by TMZ, he points out that Collins did not shower or brush his teeth for most of 2019.

The couple, who were married in 1999, broke up last summer, but They already divorced in 2006, but ten years later they decided to give a second chance. to your marriage, which also did not work out.

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