Red Dead Online Will Not Stop: Standalone Play, Bounty Hunter Expansion & Double XP


Red Dead Online Will Not Stop: Standalone Play, Bounty Hunter Expansion & Double XP

Rockstar has confirmed that A standalone version of Red Dead Online will be available starting December 1. This will allow players still to get their hands on Red Dead Redemption 2 to experience everything the crowded West has to offer, including access to future content updates.

The standalone version will be available at a price launch with a discount of 75% off the normal price until February 15, 2021 and will include the ability to unlock Red Dead Redemption 2’s story mode in addition to all gameplay and content updates such as the upcoming 10-level expansion for the Bounty Hunter role arriving next week. This is where we stop: Bounty Hunter Expansion

The Bounty Hunter expansion will include prestigious gear and unlockable abilities, as well as new targets including legendary fugitives and a new Outlaw pass with 100 levels. And as an added bonus All Bounty Hunter missions this week will bring double experience, as well as additional bonuses and discounts, including:

Increased RDO $ and EXP for all gang members in Free Roam missions, Bounty Hunter missions and Free Roam events.

Double your experience in all Land of Opportunity and Bounty Hunter missions.

Discounts from the Wheeler, Rawson & Co catalog: 40% off all outfits, including RPG gear, 30% off all horses, repeaters, pistols, Scofield revolver, mounts and upgraded mounts, coats and vests.

“Red Dead Online” will be available for purchase as a standalone game on PlayStation Store, Microsoft Store, Rockstar Games Launcher, Epic Games Store and Steam starting December 1st.

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