Resident Evil: Village Reveals Its First Playable Scenes On PS5


Resident Evil: Village shows its first game scenes on PS5.

The first real-life game sequences collected from Resident Evil comes to us through video Playstation 5 promoted by a professional tennis player Naomi Osaka. The content in question is part of a promotion for a new generation Japanese factory console and anticipates the future by featuring unpublished images of “The Village” that allow us to make a little understanding of some of the mechanics what cannot be missing from the brand supply; how to use shelves to lock doors and face moments of immense tension while waiting for what’s around the next corner. The footage also shows some scenes with hidden parts where necessary. escape from the “werewolves” from the game.

It is impossible not to mention that “Village” is gaining momentum. the atmosphere is very similar to “Resident Evil 4” and apparently he also absorbs and expands on the oppressive aspect of Resident Evil 7 in his lineup. But even with those two previous references, the eighth numbered chapter of the veteran series seeks to find its own personality. Besides a tennis player, an actor Michael B. Jordan, known for his roles in Creed: Born to Fight and Black Panther, also participated in the campaign, invited by Sony to test some excerpts from the films Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Naomi Osaka is the first game on PS5

You can’t deny it Sony invests in PS5 ad campaign and relies on famous names in various spheres of the social, sports and cultural panorama, as evidenced by the hiring of a rapper. Travis Scott, which has forged a creative partnership between PlayStation and its music studio Cactus Jack to promote the launch of the game console, which will debut November 19 in Spain, with Resident Evil: Village due sometime in 2021.

Michael B. Jordan – First Game on PS5

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