Rocio Flores joins the beauty trend popularized by Rosalia.


Image by Rocio Flores.

Image by Rocio Flores.

Dew flowers he has turned his physique into a mantra since returning from his adventure in Survivors. She was more beautiful than ever and weighed almost 20 kg less than when the reality show started just nine months ago. Rocio Carrasco’s daughter takes care of herself very much and, in addition to playing sports and following a diet, did not hesitate to make various “touch-ups” to look spectacular and give a better version of yourself.

And with over 600,000 Instagram followers, the young woman has become an influencer, and her beauty secrets and beauty tips are welcomed by fans. Rocio, who traveled to the capital a few days ago to swap your natural chestnut for a beautiful golden blondeHe surprised us, now dressed in the most risky beauty trend we’ve seen in celebrities like Rosalia or Gloria Camila’s sworn enemy, Sophia Sueskun.

We link to spectacular manicure popularized by the singer of the group “Malamente”which Rocio has shown in recent days. Endless and spectacular false nails in two colors – red and white – that Antonio David Flores’ daughter is delighted with, but why deny it, they do not look very comfortable.

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