Rosario and Lolita Flores remember their brother on his 59th birthday


Rosario and Lolita Flores.

Rosario and Lolita Flores.

When Lola Flores passed away, no one imagined that another guardian angel of this clan, Antonio Flores, would leave after 15 days. Her sisters, Lolita and Rosario Flores They had to face not only the death of the greatest artist in Spain, but also the phenomenon of her brother, who achieved great success on the music scene thanks to his lyrics and manner of singing.

This Saturday, more than ever his sisters remember him because he would have turned 59… There were many things he didn’t see, but on that fateful day when he left because he couldn’t bear the death of his mother, the legacy of Antonio Flores was born. And it is clear that November 14 is a date that Lola Flores’ two daughters will never forget.

Rosario Flores used her social network on Instagram remember his brother and posted his photo with a very tender message: “Congratulations, brother, today you will be 59 years old, I love you and miss you.”

Just like Lolita I remember you in the profile with the picture, but also with a video in which we can see performances where two brothers danced and sang: “Congratulations, my brother, my heart, my art, my feeling for my life …”.

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