Russia says its vaccine will be cheap and stored above freezing


Dose of Russian coronavirus vaccine

Dose of Russian coronavirus vaccine

Russian An alternative to Western vaccines Sputnik V will be “several times” cheaper than Pfizer and Moderna, and can be shipped from February to temperature from 2 to 8 degreesThis was announced to Efe on Monday by Kirill Dmitriev, head of the state fund responsible for its sale and distribution.

“Sputnik V will be several times cheaper than the American ones,” Dmitriev, President of the Russian Direct Investment Fund (FIDR), commented via videoconference. Dmitriev put it forward the price will be announced this week Sputnik V, which will be more affordable than a vaccine from Pfizer and Germany’s BioNTech, and Moderna, according to the president of Russia’s Sovereign Wealth Fund.

Remembered that the effectiveness of the Russian vaccine, the world’s first registered, 92%based on preliminary data from Phase III clinical trials. “These are very good results. Anything above 50% is a very high level, ”he explained.

In the period from December to January, Russia will begin supplying the world with a vaccine that It will also be produced in countries such as Brazil, China, India or South Korea.

As for transport, which in the case of Pfizer is 70 degrees below zero, and in the case of Moderna 20 below zero, Dimitriev said that in the first batch of Sputnik V it will maintain a temperature of 18 degrees below zero. Instead, freeze drying technology will be applied from February., which is used to dehydrate the vaccine, making it much easier to transport. “From February, most of the vaccines will be delivered at temperatures ranging from 2 to 8 degrees. This will limit transport restrictions, ”he said.

In general, he stressed that Russia does not want Sputnik V to become the only vaccine on the marketbut it is part of a catalog of vaccines that will be distributed worldwide. “Only together, by joining forces, can we defeat the coronavirus,” he said.

Dmitriev welcomed the emergence of other vaccines, stating that “Satellite V may not be the only solution for everyone, and there must be other alternatives. ”“ Our vaccine now requires one billion people. Next year we will only be able to produce 500 million doses, ”he explained.

The Russian vaccine was received from skepticism other countries, initially because it was registered in Russia without completing clinical trials, and then because preliminary results have not yet been reviewed by independent scientists and have not been published in major scientific journals.

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