Sara Carbonero surprises with her “ working girlish ” look


Journalist Sara Carbonero participates in the Unicef ​​campaign.

Journalist Sara Carbonero participates in the Unicef ​​campaign.
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On the occasion of the International Children’s Day, Sara Carbonero, acted as UNICEF Master of Ceremonies, demanding that the rights of the smallest be respected. An impressive journalist with her public appearance raised the image of a “working girl” to the nth degree and she showed us once again why she is considered one of the most stylish women in our country.

And the fact is that, relying on comfort and sobriety for this event of a purely professional and supportive nature, the wife of Iker Casillas wore plain white cotton t-shirtwhich is combined with brown jacket and eye-catching gray mom fit jeans paired with an elegant coat of the same color to combat the cold temperatures in the capital. As accessories, several comfortable boots and a black leather bag, in addition to all the documentation related to the meeting she served as ambassador.

Beautiful with short hair as she looks in her recent performances, Sarah enjoyed a well-deserved breakfast after performing with two friends, and with her best smile she asked for it “Let’s cooperate with Unicef. Become partners, donate. Thank you for your interest”.

Thanking for the compliments for her beautiful appearance, the journalist admitted that she still does not know what Iker is and that she will be doing this Christmas: “Oh, you have to go day after day. Thanks guys”.

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