Spider-Man Miles Morales Bets On Unlimited Action In His Trailer


Image from the game Marvel & # 039; s Spider-Man: Miles Morales & # 039 ;.

Image from the game Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

IN a new generation is already starting to walkand along with the launch of the PlayStation 5, there will be the first great Sony exclusive at this stage: “Spider-Man Marvel: Miles Morales”… The game will be available next Thursday, November 19, when the console hits European store shelves. In his launch trailer, a rampant battle is bet to introduce a short prologue to the game: Miles promises his mentor, Peter Parker, to protect New York. However, as a superhero without much experience, he still doubts whether he can truly deliver on his promise.

In a crazy video too available in 4K resolutionwe see good Morales again in action against evil Reno and the Roxon soldiersshowcasing some of the gameplay from Insomniac Games. During the trailer, the Marauder also appears for the first time, a Marvel Factory character made irreplaceable Stan Lee and John Buscemawho first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man # 78 (November 1969). The character personifies a technological genius who knows how to wage hand-to-hand combat using hypnotic means and hand weapons. Among his greatest enemies is our dear neighbor and friend Spidey.

Uncle Miles Morales (Aaron Davis) must adopt the image of this villain, whose presence was confirmed by the developers themselves a few weeks ago. Actually in the trailer we can see the character both without a mask and in full costume during a fight. Before we leave you with the video, we remind you that it is scheduled to premiere on November 12, 2020 on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro. The PS5 and Ultimate Edition of “Marvel’s SpiderMan” will arrive with the launch of the console. next generation.

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales – Launch Trailer

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