The earpiece warns you of an epileptic seizure 1-3 minutes before it occurs.

Catalan startup MJN-neuro designed a tube, similar to what is used by people with hearing impairments, which warns people with epilepsy about the inevitability of a seizure 1-3 minutes before it is produced by artificial intelligence.

As explained by the director of this company David Blankes in an interview with EFE, the purpose of this new sanitary ware is – improve the quality of life of people with epilepsyas happened with Blankes’ daughter, Marina, who has suffered from this disease since childhood and has drug resistance.

Drug resistance means that existing medications cannot control seizures and they can happen anywhere and cause accidents.

The fact that a crisis has been warned 1-3 minutes before it occurs can allow the victim to take safety measures and notify family members or people in the environment.

Blankes explained that many people with epilepsy also suffer from anxiety and / or depression because they don’t know when and where they might have the next crisis, so a headset can also improve their emotional state, giving more peace of mind.

The headset has sensors that record electrical activity in the brain in real time through the ear canal.

This information is transmitted through personalized artificial intelligence algorithms that determine the risk of epileptic seizures.

When the risk is high the product connected via the app to the patient’s mobile phone sends a warning signal– both to patients and their proxies, – explained Blankes.

The patient is alerted, on average, 1-3 minutes before an emergency occurs, allowing them to take safety measures such as sitting or stretching on the floor or alerting contacts.

Blankes clarified that the data from recurrent seizures in people with drug-resistant epilepsy, which accounts for about 30% of the total, is the data used to create personalized AI algorithms for each case, and what exactly they allow to predict attacks.

“If a patient takes a medication, it works and works stably, he does not need to wear the device, because if, for example, he only had one seizure a year, it would take a long time to create his algorithm,” he said.

The prevention function was the main goal for which we created the device.because during crises, the victim can suffer from accidents such as falls and bumps, sometimes serious, ”said the administration official.

In 2019, this medical device was tested in the Epilepsy Department of the Corahan Clinic in Barcelona and at the Center for Advanced Neurology in Seville in clinical trials involving thirty patients with refractory epilepsy, which enabled its supporters to obtain the CE certificate for medical devices last April. …

Currently expected latest check by the Spanish Medicines Agency

Two companies from Huesca and Vic (Barcelona) participated in the production of a headset called mjn-SERAS for the assembly of the case and the electronic part, respectively.

MJN-neuro, based in Blanes (Girona), was founded in 2014 and its first medical device project was this headset.

Epilepsy is a disease of the brain characterized by abnormal electrical activity. causing seizures or unusual behavior and sensations, and sometimes loss of consciousness, and has neurological, cognitive, psychological and social consequences.

About 50 million people worldwide suffer from it, and in Spain it is estimated that about 400,000 people.

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