The private health sector asks the government for an urgent plan to combat Covid-19


From left to right. Juan Abarca, Marta Villanueva and Angel de Benito, President, Director and Secretary General of the IDIS Foundation.

From left to right. Juan Abarca, Marta Villanueva and Angel de Benito, President, Director and Secretary General of the IDIS Foundation.

The Institute for Health Development and Integration Foundation (IDIS) has just presented ‘A manifesto for the better Healthcare, which calls on administrations to reduce the current deficit and create a viable system for the future. Promote public-private cooperation, increased funding for public health (with a particular focus on primary health care), and the creation of an information, evaluation and quality agency to increase transparency and pay for results are some of the clauses that the public will be required to comply with and will be launched in campaigns on

Discovered shortcomings

Our healthcare system has already shown clarity senility symptoms before the SARS-CoV-2 crisis (Covid-19), such as coordination difficulties, increased waiting lists and excessive mortality from all causes, inequalities between autonomous communities, problems of cohesion and funding, or shortcomings in strategic cooperation with the private sector, among others. The purpose of the Manifesto is to bring about the cohesion of society as a whole, because its essence contact the Administration that they implement concrete and urgent strategies that respond to current deficits in such a way that a viable, competitive and prosperous health system is illuminated for the future.


IDIS Foundation calls for quality healthcare and understands that it is necessary to rely on the continuity of care for patients and with the participation of professionals, with priority issues being urgent (queues, adaptation to complex chronic diseases), and establishment of the Public Health Agency and a plan to deal with the outbreak of a pandemic. The document emphasizes the need for patients and their representatives to participate at all levels and to evaluate their experiences. It also mentions the possibility of introducing digital tools and facilitating access to patient-owned electronic medical records.

The importance of caring for their working conditions is emphasized with regard to health professionals as the best asset of the system. achieve the best health and health in an adequate and sustainable system. Another aspect is equity, which should underpin access to innovation in diagnostic tests, treatment and therapy, regardless of where you live. Likewise, the importance of government funding to guarantee coverage of the service portfolio in all autonomous communities. Effectiveness is also key, which is why the manifesto states that organizations must be able to strategic, economic and personnel management… The IDIS Foundation believes that the healthcare system should be open to plans and reforms based on research and responsible innovation, and believes in the digitization of its processes. In this sense, it is very important to conduct digital transformation and renovation of the technopark. It is proposed to establish an Agency of Information, Evaluation and Quality with the participation of all agents involved to measure and compare health outcomes. Finally, as indicated in the document, adequate funding of the public system that meets the needs of primary and specialized care, as well as social health care, is considered important, while strengthening the fund for inter-territorial cohesion.

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