Twitter will display tweets with suggested topics in the user’s timeline.


Twitter will display tweets on suggested topics.

Social network Twitter announced that it added new feature on your platform With which users will be able to see tweets with suggested topics on their timeline.

In early November 2019, Twitter launched The function of themes which allows users to follow conversations on topics of interest to them in the same way as they follow other users on a social network.

Now, a year later, the company has added a new feature that users will see on the home screen timeline. new “tweets” of suggested topicswhich they can easily follow or tell Twitter that they are not interested.

This new feature comes after Twitter announced that it will extend its warning about controversial content to user attempts to “Like” on Tweets that the platform detects violating disinformation policies.

Also recently Twitter introduced the “Vehicle fleet” featurewhich allows you to post temporary “tweets” that are deleted after 24 hours, a format very similar to Instagram Stories.

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