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Nobody eats milk chocolate anymore. Pure chocolate with a high cocoa content has become a delicacy for the most caring people. The shelves of 85% cocoa bars are emptied every day, and there are those who strive to achieve immortality by savoring 99% chocolate.

The addiction to dark chocolate seems to have passed on to hairdressers, and there are already stylists who argue that the trendiest tone is “60% dark chocolate”.

Like the one worn by the ineffable Tamara Falco. And why are we putting the new Master Chef Celebrity on the cover? Because they singled us out from the trendiest hairdressing salon in Madrid, which many clients already ask for “Tamara Chestnut”.

Tamar chestnut

It seems that his weekly appearance on Antena 3 El Hormiguero and his (already more than confirmed) romance with Inigo Onieva, in addition to his appearance, has focused on his image. Particularly in her new hair.

Some time ago, she put scissors in her hair, giving way to a haircut, which is sometimes long, and very often tied into a low, polished ponytail with a center parting in the style of Monica Bellucci.

If you are over 40, pay attention. This tone is intended to break the taboo that It may wear and that not until a certain age. Because … who said that after forty all blondes? Nothing of this.

Penelope Cruz, Paz Vega and many other divas born in the mid-seventies demonstrate this, and seasoned colorist Diana Daureo (director of her own salon in Madrid) defends that this belief is a thing of the past and does not work for all women.

“When 35, 36, 37 candles begin to accumulate on the cake, most women (almost always in the hands of their hairdressers) begin to turn more or less imperceptibly to different shades of blond. This is a historical custom that has been passed down from generation to generation, ”says Daureo. Most hairdressers consider this a win-win because, as the Madrid stylist explains, it’s easier to hide gray hair with light (and there are no possible nuances in this) than when there is a contrast with a darker tone.

“In addition, blondes soften the signs of aging as blondes emit light, which helps not only visually hide wrinkles, but also make facial features less visible or noticeable, such as the nose,” he says.

At this point, Diana tells us that the name Tamara Falco is one of the names that is most often repeated as inspiration when a client wants to darken the tone of their hair a little. “Chestnut in the right spot (60%) – and well-worn – can promote rejuvenation and rejuvenation as much (or even more) than any blonde after 35-40 years,” says the expert.

Luminous chestnut is elegant, comfortable to wear and brings a certain aspect of normality with a twist. “

Is this chestnut for you?

  • If you have a very light skin base or have a prominent nose or chin and tanned skin, it’s best to go for a range of very light brown or dark golden blonde.
  • If you have a medium brown foundation, fair skin, small nose, and full lips, you are perfect for a rich dark brown, no matter how old you are.
  • If you want whoever you are, you can dress it up with a technique called “honey outline” that Sarah Jessica Parker has worn for years. This includes creating two lighter gold strands framing the face to give the light a sieve effect with prominent features and signs of age for blondes.

Choose your chestnut

Diana Daureo advises:

60% dark chocolate, although very dark (does not reach brown color), is preferred. Light brown is usually dull and flat. Tamara’s dark color creates a greater contrast to the skin, helps to give depth to the look and marks, or to highlight facial features: cheekbones, lips, nose … “

How to care for a chestnut dark chocolate up to 60%

  1. If you want to hide gray hair, you will have to dye more often than blondes, because gray roots contrast more and become more visible on dark hair.
  2. In this tone, the matte shade is noticeable and loses a lot when fading. Thus, since shine is essential for it to look its best, you should take care of it at home with glossy products and get it professionally treated at a hairdresser every 2 months or so.
  3. Avoid excessive use of hair dryers and irons where possible, which can dull the tone.


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