“Worms Rumble”, “Just Cause 4” and “Rocket Arena” on December PlayStation Plus


From Sony offices Monthly PS Plus Game Battery for December 2020… As in November last year, the company will offer three titles to subscribers. During the last month of the year, players will receive 1: Just Cause 4 (PS4), Rocket Arena (PS4), and Worms Rumble (PS4 and PS5) starting next Tuesday, which can be cataloged. as the most interesting of the proposal, as it will launch directly in the service for PS4 and PS5.

Announced in July, Team17 production brings Worms to the Battle Royal world with game modes for up to 32 players.… This is another independent product available to PlayStation Plus members on launch day. That same year, PS4 and PS5 users also received “Fall Guy” and “Bugsnax” from the same day they were released.

The December PlayStation Plus catalog also includes Just Cause 4. The Square Enix game was released in late 2018 and offers similar gameplay to its predecessor.but with the addition of new features such as extreme weather conditions. Subscribers will also be able to redeem and download Rocket Arena, an incredibly fun and challenging game that has everything to convince fans of good multiplayer combat. The familiar playful proposition will delight both those who just want to have some fun and those looking for new competitive challenges.

This month, subscribers will once again get their hands on PlayStation’s Talents: Melbits World, a collaborative 3D arcade-style puzzle game developed by Spanish studio Melbot Studios. The December PlayStation Plus games will be released on the first day, and until then, members of the subscription will still be able to use the games currently distributed by the service: Middle-earth: Shadow of War, Hollow Knight: Empty Heart, and Bugsnax.

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